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Ryuichi Sakamoto "B-2 Unit" LP (Alfa, 1981) (Andy Partridge spielt Gitarre)
2.Thatness and Thereness
3.Participation Mystique
5.Inconic Storage
6.Riot in Lagos
7.Not the 6 O'Clock News
8.The End of Europe
Peter Blegvad "The Naked Shakespeare" LP (Virgin, 1983) (Andy Partridge produziert und spielt verschiedene Instrument auf 2.-12.)
1.How Beautiful You Are
2.Weird Monkeys (Colin Moulding spielt Bass)
3.Naked Shakespeare (Colin Moulding spielt Bass)
5.Like A Baby
6.Powers In The Air
7.You Can't Miss It
10.Lonely Too
11.Blue Eyed William
12.First Blow Struck
The Woodentops "Move me" 12" (Rough Trade, 1984) (produziert von Andy "Animal Jesus" Partridge)
1.Move me
2.Do it Anyway
3.Steady Steady
The Raiders 12" (Lost Moment, 1986?) (produziert von Andy Partridge)
1.Two Cold Potatoes and a Bottle of Wine
2.Coffee Coloured Cadillac
3.Barking Up the Wrong Tree
The Wallflowers "Thank You" 12" (Mantre, 1987) (produziert von Andy Partridge)
1.Thank You
3.Knife to the Scar
Spirit Of The Forest "Spirit Of The Forest" 7" (Virgin, 1989) (Benefiz-Single mit XTC im Chor)
1.Spirit Of The Forest
2.Spirit Of The Forest
Cud "Leggy Mambo" LP (Imaginary, 1990) (1.-9., 11.-12. produziert von Dave Gregory)
1.Now! (Dave Gregory spielt Synthesizer)
3.Hey, Boots
4.Love in a Hollow Tree
5.Love Mandarin
6.Not Exactly D.L.E.R.C. (Dave Gregory spielt Gitarre)
7.Robinson Crusoe
8.Eau Water
9.Carl's 115th Coach Trip Nightmare
11.Syrup and Sour Grapes
12.Brain on a Slow Train
Martin Newell "The Greatest Living Englishman (featuring the New, Improved Andy Partridge)" LP/CD (Humbug 1993) (produziert von Andy Partridge)
1.Goodbye Dreaming Fields
2.Before the Hurricane
3.We'll Build a House
4.Greatest Living Englishman
5.She Rings the Changes
6.Home Counties Boy
7.Street Called Prospect
8.Christmas in Suburbia
9.Straight to You Boy
10.Jangling Man
11.Green-Gold Girl of Summer
12.Englishman's Home
Cleaners from Venus "Live in Japan (Osaka 1994)" CD (Jarmusic, 2001) ((Dave Gregory spielt Gitarre auf 1.-14.)
2.Former Phonebox Vandal
3.Before the Hurricane
4.A Street Called Prospect
5.She RIngs the Changes
6.We'll Build a House
7.The World Strikes One
8.The Jangling Man
9.Straight to You, Boy
10.Girl on a Swing
11.The Green-Gold Girl of the Summer
12.An Englishman's Home
13.What a Crazy World We're Living In
14.Bus Stop
15.She Ring's the Changes (early demo)
Martin Newell "The Cleaners from Venus) bonus-EP zur LP-Version von "The Off White Album" (Jarmusic, 1998) (Dave Gregory spielt Gitarre)
1.Julie Profumo (live Osaka, Japan, Sept. 1994)
2.The Green-Gold Girl of the Summer (live Osaka, Japan, Sept. 1994)
Herbert Grönemeyer "Chaos" CD (EMI Electrola, 1995) (englische Übersetzungen der deutschen Texte von Andy Partridge)
2.Promise My Love
3.Lead Me Home
4.Hard Heads
6.I've Had Enough
7.Puss In Boots
8.Hole In My Head
9.No Guarantee
10.The Wave
H "Ice Cream Genius" CD (When, 1997) (Dave Gregory spielt Gitarre)
1.The Evening Shadows
2.Really Like
3.You Dinosaur Thing
4.The Deep Water
6.Until You Fall
7.Better Dreams
8.Nothing To Declare
Mark Owen "Green Man" CD (RCA, 1996) (Dave Gregory spielt Gitarre)
1.Green Man
4.Are You With Me
6.Ask Him To
7.Backpocket And Me
8.Move On
9.Secondhand Wonderland
10.My Love
11.I Am What I Am
12.Is That What It's All About
Mark Owen "Child" MCD (RCA, 1996) (Dave Gregory spielt Gitarre)
1.Child (radio edit)
2.Child (full length)
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