XTC: All Records For The Middle Ages
Solo-Veröffentlichungen (Solo Releases)
Barry Andrews "Town And Country"-EP (Virgin, 1979)
1.Me and my mate can sing
2.Bring on the alligators
3.Mousetrap (Dedicated to aunt rene)
4.Sargasso bar
Mr. Partridge "Take Away/The Lure Of Salvage" LP (Virgin Records 1980)
2.The Day They Pulled The North Pole Down
3.The Forgotten Language Of Light
4.Steam Fist Futurist
5.Shore Leave Orinthology (Another 1950)
7.The Rotary
9.I Sit In The Snow
10.Work Away Tokyo Day
11.New Broom
Barry Andrews "Rossmore Road" 7" (Virgin, 1980)
1.Rossmore road
2.Win a night out with a well-known paranoiac

"Miniatures - A Sequence Of Fifty-One Tiny Masterpieces Edited By Morgan Fisher" (Pipe Records, 1980; auf CD: Voiceprint, 1994)
1.Ollie Halsall and John Halsey "Bum Love"
2.The Residents "We're a Happy Family/Bali Ha'i"
3.Roger McGough "The Wreck of the Hesperus"
4.Morgan Fisher "Green And Pleasant"
5.John Otway "Mine Tonight"
6.Pete Challis and Phil Diplock "My Way"
7.Robert Wyatt "Rangers in the Night"
8.Stinky Winkles "Opus 5"
9.Mary Longford "Body Language"
10.Andy "Thunderclap" Newman "Andy the Dentist"
11.David Bedford "Wagners's Ring In One Minute"
12.Fred Frith "The Entire Works of Henry Cow"
13.Maggie Nicols "Look Beneath the Surface"
14.Joseph Racaille "Week-End"
15.The Work "With Wings Pressed Back"
16.Neil Innes and Son "Cum On Feel The Noize"
17.Herbert Distel "4. Toscany in Blue (Last Minute)"
18.Lol Coxhill "An End to the Matter"
19.Ken Ellis "One Minute in the Life of Ivan Denisovich"
20.Steve Miller "Alive"
21.Norman Lovett "John Peel Sings the Blues Badly"
22.Patrick Portella "Serrons Nous Les Coudes"
23.George Melly "Sounds That Saved My Life (Homage to K.S.)"
24.Robert Fripp "Miniature"
25.Andy Partridge (XTC) "The History Of Rock'n'Roll"
26.Phantom Captain "Breather"
27.Ron Geesin "Enterbrain Exit"
28.Alejandro Viñao "An Imaginary Orchestrina"
29.Quentin Crisp "Stop the Music for a Minute"
30.Simone Desorgher "Tetrad"
31.Ralph Steadman "Sweetest Love (Lament after a broken sashcord on a theme of John Donne"
32.R.D.Laing and Son "Tipperary"
33.Trevor Wishart "Beach Double"
34.John Withe "Scène de Ballet"
35.Ivor Cutler "Brooch Boat"
36.Hector Zazou "O Tell Us"
37.Michael Bass and Ellen Tenenbaum "A Miniaturisation of Bartok's Sonata for 2 Pianos and Percussion (3rd Movement)"
38.Martin Chambers (The Pretenders) "A Swift One"
39.Bob Cobbing and Henry Chopin "Refreshment Break"
40.Dave Vanian (The Damned) "Night Touch"
41.Metabolist "Racing Poodles"
42.Gavin Bryars "After Mendelssohn (137 Years)"
43.1/2 Japanese "Paint It Black"
44.Simon Jeffes (Pengiun Cafe Orchestra) "Arthur's Treat"
45.Mark Perry "Talking World War III Blues"
46.Michael Nyman "89-90-91-92"
47.David Cunningham (Flying Lizards) "Index of Ends"
48.Kevin Coyne "James, Mark & Me (In the Manner of Tom Waits)"
49.Etron Fou Leloublan "Hep!"
50.Neil Oram and Ken Campbell and The Science Fiction Theatre Of Liverpool "The Minute Warp"
51.Pete Seeger "Chorale From Beethoven's 9th Symphony"
52.No Artists "One Minute Silence" (CD-Bonus-Track)
53.All Artists "The Miniatures Minature" (CD-Bonus-Track)
The Colonel (Colin Moulding) "Too Many Cooks In The Kitchen" 7" (Virgin, 1980)
1.Too many cooks in the kitchen
2.I need protection
Barry Andrews "Rossmore Road" 7" (Virgin, 1981)
1.Rossmore road
2.Pages of my love

"Through The Looking Glass 1967" LP (Imaginary, 1990)
1.Colin's Hermits
(Dave Gregory und Andy Partridge) "Strawberry Fields" (aufgenommen 1985)
2.A Witness "Break on Thru'"
3.Dave Kuthworth & The Bounty Hunters "I'm Your Puppet"
4.The Bomb Party "For What It's Worth"
5.Death Of Samantha "2oth Century Fox"
6.The Thunderbyrds "My White Bicycle"
7.Spiral Jetty "7 & 7 Is"
8.What ? Noise "Strange Brew"
9.The Shaman "Slip Inside This House"
10.Stylen And Baldwin "Sunshine Of Your Love"
11.Onion Head "Gentle On My Mind"
12.Bevis Frond "Power Posession"
13.Mark Burgess "You Only Live Twice"

Andy Partridge "Jules Verne's Sketchook" Fanclub-MC (Little Express, 1987)
1.Young Cleopatra
2.Motorcycle Landscape
3.Happy Families (demo)
5.Moonlit Drive
6.Broomstick Rhythm
8.Ra Ra For Red Rocking Horse
9.Disque Bleu
10.Mopti Fake
11.Little Lighthouse (demo)
12.When We Get to England
13.Shaking Skin House
14.Obscene Procession
15.Dripping Basin
Johnny Japes And His Jesticles (Andy Partridge und Dave Gregory) "Bags Of Fun With Buster" 7" (Fulchester, 1987)
1.Bags of fun with buster
2.Scrotal scratch mix
"If 6 Was 9 - A Tribute To Jimi Hendrix" CD (Imaginary, 1990)
1.This White Rope "May This Be Love"
2.Chuck Prophet & Scott Matthews "The Wind Cries Mary"
3.Trick Bag "Fire"
4.David Dreams
(Dave Gregory) "Third Stone From The Sun"
5.The Monks Of Doom "Spanish Castle Magic"
6.The Corn Dollies "I Don't Live Today"
7.Thee Hypnotics "Can You See Me?"
8.Bevis Frond "Who Knows?"
9.The Shaman "Purple Haze"
10.The Stretch Heads "Spanish Castle Magic"
11.Giant Sand "Foxy Lady"
12.Styler And Baldwin "You Got Me Floatin'"
13.Obsequious Cheesecake "If 6 Was 9"
14.The Membranes "Voodoo Chile"
15.501 Spanish Verbs "Ain't No Tellin'"
16.The Mock Turtles "Are You Experienced"

Andy Partridge "The Bull With The Golden Guts" Fanclub-MC (Little Express, 1993)
1.Ridgeway Path
2.Goodbye Humanosaurus
3.Space Wray
5.Goosey Goosey
6.Blue Beret
7.Zonked Right Out (On Life)
8.My Train Is Coming
9.Child Crusade
10.Difficult Age
11.Was A Yes (extract)
12.No One Here Available
13.Don't You Ever Dare Call Me Chickenhead
15.This Is The End
Andy Partridge und Harold Budd "Through The Hill" CD/LP (All Saints 1994)
1.Hand 19
2.Through The Hill
3.Great Valley Of Gongs
4.Western Island Of Apples
5.Anima Mundi
6.Hand 20
7.The Place Of Odd Glances
8.Well For The Sweat Of The Moon
9.Tenoctitlán's Numberless Bridges
10.Ceramic Avenue
11.Hand 21
12.Missing Pieces To The Game Of Salt And Onyx
13.Mantle Of Peacock Bones
14.Bronze Coins Showing Genitals
15.Bearded Aphrodite
16.Hand 22
17.Bosch (japanischer Bonus-Track)
18.Bruegel (japanischer Bonus-Track)
Andy Partridge "November 1994" MCD (Hello CD Of The Month Club, 1994)
1.Prince of orange
2.It's snowing angels
4.Some lovely (My brown guitar)
"Without The Beatles" CD/LP+7" (Jarmusic, 1996)
1.Yukio Yung "Free As A Bird"
2.R.Stevie Moore "Getting Better"
3.Gonzo Salvage Company "Can't Buy Me Love"
4.Colin's Hermits (Dave Gregory) "I Am The Walrus" (aufgenommen 1990)
5.John A.Roberts "Dear Prudence"
6.The Creams "Yesterday"
7.Martin Newell "Baby You're A Rich Man"
8.The Out-Of-Towners "Think For Yourself"
9.Bevis Frond "You Never Give Me Your Money"
10.Paul Bevoir "Eleanore Rigby"
11.Matmosphere "Yes Blues"
12.Todd Dillingham "Helter Skelter"
13.Alan Jenkins "(Beyond The Valley Of The) Yellow Submarine" (vinyl only track)
14.R.Stevie Moore "And Your Bird Can Sing" (vinyl only track)
15.The Four Stiltons "Oh Darlin'" (vinyl only track)
16.The Cleaners From Venus (Dave Gregory) "Day Tripper" (vinyl only track)
17.Wicz "There's A Place" (vinyl only track)
Dave Gregory "Remoulds" CD (private Veröffentlichung, 1998/2003; Starling Ritz 2004) Home-Recordings 1991-1997
1.Those Were The Days (Cream 1968)
2.Let There Be (High Sample Rate 18-Bit) Drums (Sandy Nelson 1961) (nicht auf 1998-CD)
3.36-24-36 (Shadows 1961)
4.Scarlett O'Hara (Jet Harris & Tony Meehan 1963)
5.The Cruel Sea (Dakotas 1963)
6.Pretty Flamingo (Manfred Mann 1966)
7.I Feel Free (Cream 1966)
8.Tin Soldier (Small Faces 1967)
9.Wait Until Tomorrow (Jimi Hendrix Experience 1967)
10.Fresh Garbage (Spirit 1968)
11.MacArthur Park (Richard Harris 1968)
12.Diamond Hard Blue Apples Of The Moon (The Nice 1968)
13.And How Am I To Know? (Ars Nova 1968)
14.Classical Gas (Mason Williams 1968)
15.All Along The Watchtower (Dylan / Hendrix 1968)
16.Jigsaw Puzzle Blues (Fleetwood Mac 1968)
17.Happy Freuds (The Nice 1968)
18.Sabre Dance (Dave Edmunds/Love Sculpture 1968)
19.Our Prayer (Beach Boys 1969)
20.Good Times, Bad Times (Led Zeppelin 1968) (nicht auf 1998- und 2003-CD)
21.Tickets to Waterfalls (Jack Bruce 19??) (nicht auf 1998-CD)
22.Because (Beatles 1969)
23.Little Bit Of Love (Free 1972)
24.Frankenstein (Edgar Winter Group 1972)
25.Love Comes To Everyone (George Harrison 1979)
Dave Gregory "Dr. Gregory's Instrumental Asylum" CD (private Veröffentlichung, 2000) Home-Recordings 1992-2000
1.Gloria Monday
2.Monsall Mood Parts (incidental music for BBC North's documentary Close Up North)
3.Cloudland (incidental music for BBC North's documentary Close Up North)
4.October's Carousel
5.I Write To The Trees
6.Hot Charity
7.Rubber Balloons
8.Lake Hill Vacation
9.Call It Witchcraft
10.Chinese Friday Night
Andy Partridge "Fuzzy Warbles (The Demo Archives) Vol 1" CD (Andy Partridge Experience, 2003)
1.Dame Fortune
2.Born Out Of Your Mouth
3.Howlin Burston
4.Don’t Let us Bug Ya
5.That Wag
6.That Wave
7.Ocean’s Daughter
10.Goosey Goosey
11.Merely A Man
13.Summer Hot As This
14.Miniature Sun
15.I Bought Myself A Liarbird
16.Complicated Game
17.Wonder Annual
18.Space Wray
Andy Partridge "Fuzzy Warbles (The Demo Archives) Vol 2" CD (Andy Partridge Experience, 2003)
1.Ridgeway Path
2.I Don’t Want To Be Here
3.Young Marrieds
4.No One Here Available
5.Obscene Procession
6.Miller Time
7.You’re The Wish You Are I Had
8.Ra Ra Rehearsal
9.Ra Ra For Red Rocking Horse
10.Everything’ll Be Alright
11.25 O’clock
13.Chain Of Command
14.All Of A Sudden
15.Summer’s Cauldron
16.Then She Appeared
17.It’s Snowing Angels
18.Ship Trapped In The Ice
Andy Partridge "Fuzzy Warbles (The Demo Archives) Vol 3" CD (Andy Partridge Experience, 2003)
1.My Train Is Coming
3.Goodbye Humanosaurus
4.Humble Daisy
5.You Like Me
6.Great Fire
8.Mopti Fake One
10.Mopti Fake Two
11.When We Get To England
12.Train Running Low On Soul Coal
13.Holly Up On Poppy
14.Strawberry Fields Forever
15.Autumn Comes Around
16.Childs Crusade
17.Little Lighthouse
18.This Is The End
19.Put It On Again
Andy Partridge "Fuzzy Warbles (The Demo Archives) Vol 4" CD (Andy Partridge Experience, 2003)
3.The Art Song (something good with your life)
4.I'm Playing My Fano
5.Zonked Right Out On Life
6.All I Dream Of Is A Friend
7.Peck The Ground Like A Chicken
8.That Really Super Supergirl
9.Brainiacs Daughter
10.Blue Beret
11.Gangway, Electric Guitar Is Coming Through
12.Mechanical Planet
14.The ugly Underneath
16.Where Is Your Heart
17.Hey, It's Alan Burston!
18.Season Cycle
19.Countdown To Christmas Partytime

Peter Blegvad & Andy Partridge "Orpheus - The Lowdown" CD (Andy Partridge Experience, 2004)
2.Brown-Out On Olympus
3.The Blimp Poet
4.Night Of The Comet
5.Necessary Shadows (George Steiner)
9.Noun Verbs
10.Eurydice (after Rilke)
11.Divine Blood
12.Steel Bed

Andy Partridge "Fuzzy Warbles (The Demo Archives) Vol 5" CD (Andy Partridge Experience, 2004)
1.Welcome to Volume 5
2.Young Cleopatra
3.I Defy You Gravity
4.Ice Jet Kiss
5.Broomstick Rhythm
6.Earn Enough For Us
7.Dear God (Skiffle Version)
9.Motorcycle Landscape
11.Don’t You Ever Dare Call Me Chickenhead
12.Mermaid Smiled (Explanation)
13.Mermaid Smiled
14.Aqua Deum
15.Me And The Wind
17.Blue Overall
18.Red Brick Dream
19.Jacob's Ladder
20.My Land Is Burning
Andy Partridge "Fuzzy Warbles (The Demo Archives) Vol 6" CD (Andy Partridge Experience, 2004)
1.The Laugh Track
2.Stinking Rich
3.I Can’t Tell What Truth Is Anymore
4.Candle Dance
5.The Tiny Circus Of Life
6.The Man Who Sailed Around His Soul
7.In My Hand
8.Difficult Age
9.Pink Thing
10.Shaking Skin House
11.Bike Ride To The Moon
12.My Love Explodes
14.Across The Antheap - Skylarking Demo
15.Across This Antheap - Oranges Demo
16.Human Alchemy
17.Moonlit Drive
18.Prince Of Orange
19.End Of The Pier

"Wonderfalls - The Complete Viewer Collection" 3-DVD-Box (20th Century Fox USA, 2005)
1.Episode #1
2.Episode #2
3.Episode #3
4.Episode #4
5.Episode #5
6.Episode #6
7.Episode #7
8.Episode #8
9.Episode #9
10.Episode #10
11.Episode #11
12.Episode #12
13.Episode #13
14."Greetings from Wonderfalls" documentary
15.Andy Partridge: I Wonder Why the Wonderfalls (music video)
16.Andy Partridge: I Wonder Why the Wonderfalls (theme song)

Andy Partridge "Fuzzy Warbles (The Demo Archives) Vol 7" CD (Andy Partridge Experience, 2006)
1.2 Rainbeau Melt
2.Thrill Pill
3.Sonic Boom
4.I’m Unbecome
5.Ballet For A Rainy Day
6.1000 Umbrellas
7.Ejac In A Box (MGOO)
8.C Side
9.Seagulls Screaming Kiss Her Kiss Her
12.Visit To The Doctor
13.Cherry In Your Tree
14.Desert Island
15.Scarecrow People
16.Hold Me My Daddy
17.Books Are Burning
18.Bobba De Boop De Ba De Boobay
19.Open A Can Of Human Beans
Andy Partridge "Fuzzy Warbles (The Demo Archives) Vol 8" CD (Andy Partridge Experience, 2006)
1.Through Electric Gardens
2.Skate Dreams Wet Car
3.The Bland Leading The Bland
5.I Gave My Suitcase Away
7.Another Satellite
8.These Voices
9.Song For Wes Long
10.Happy Birthday Karen
11.REM Producer Enquiry
12.The Loving
14.Was A Yes
15.Genie In A Bottle
16.Disque Bleu
17.Poor Skeleton Steps Out
18.I Don’t Want To Be Here (original demo)
19.Chalkhills and Children
Andy Partridge "Hinges" CD (Andy Partridge Experience, 2006)
2.Now We All Dead (It Doesn't Matter)
3.Rain Of Blows (early version)
4.Reign Of Blows
6.Shake You Donkey Up
7.Happy Families
8.Here Comes President Kill Again
9.Beating Hearts

Andy Partridge, Barry Andrews & Martyn Barker "Monstrance" DoCD (Andy Partridge Experience, 2007)
1.I Lovely Cosmonaut
3.Black Swan Black
6.Ur Tannoy
7.Little Field
8.Pagoda Tailfin
11.The Floating World

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