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Robert Fripp "Exposure" LP (E.G. Records, 1978) (Barry Andrews spielt auf einigen Stücken Keyboards)
2.You Burn Me Up I'm A Cigarette
5.North Star
10.Haaden Two
11.Urban Landscape
12.I May Not Have Had Enough Of Me But I've Had Enough Of You
13.First Inaugural Address To I.A.C.E. Sherborne House
14.Water Music I
15.Here Comes the Flood
16.Water Music II
Iggy Pop "Soldier" LP (Arista, 1980) (Barry Andrews spielt Keyboards)
1.Loco Mosquito
3.Take care of me
4.Get up and get out
5.Play it safe
6.I'm a conservative
7.Dog food
8.I need more
9.Knocking 'em down (In the city)
10.Mr Dynamite
11.I snub you
Peter Gabriel "Peter Gabriel (3)" LP (Charisma, 1980) (Dave Gregory spielt Gitarre)
2.No Self-Control
3.Start (Dave Gregory spielt Gitarre)
4.I Don't Remember (Dave Gregory spielt Gitarre)
5.Family Snapshot (Dave Gregory spielt Gitarre)
6.And Through the Wire
7.Games Without Frontiers
8.Not One of Us
9.Lead a Normal Life
The Residents "Commercial Album" LP (Ralph, 1980)
1.Easter Woman
2.Perfect Love
3.Picnic Boy
4.End Of Home
6.Japanese Watercolor
8.Die In Terror
9.Red Rider
10.My Second Wife
12.Suburban Bathers
13.Dimples And Toes
14.The Nameless Souls
15.Love Leaks Out
16.Act Of Being Polite
17.Medicine Man
18.Tragic Bells
19.Loss Of Innocence
20.The Simple Song
21.Ups And Downs
23.Give It To Someone Else
25.Less Not More
26.My Work Is So Behind
27.Birds In The Trees
28.Handfull Of Desire
30.Love Is...
31.Troubled Man
32.La La
34.Nice Old Man
35.The Talk Of Creatures
37.In Between Dreams
38.Margaret Freeman (Andy Partridge singt)
39.The Coming Of The Crow
40.When We Were Young
Robert Fripp "The League of Gentlemen" LP (E.G. Records, 1981)
1.Indiscreet I
2.Inductive resonance (Barry Andrews spielt Keyboards)
3.Minor Man (Barry Andrews spielt Keyboards)
4.Heptaparaparshinokh (Barry Andrews spielt Keyboards)
5.Dislocated (Barry Andrews spielt Keyboards)
6.Pareto Optimum I
7.Eye Needles (Barry Andrews spielt Keyboards)
8.Indiscreet II
9.Pareto Optimum II
10.Cognitive Dissonance (Barry Andrews spielt Keyboards)
11.H.G. Wells (Barry Andrews spielt Keyboards)
12.Trap (Barry Andrews spielt Keyboards)
14.Indiscreet III
Thomas Dolby "Europa and the Pirate Twins" 12" (EMI, 1981)
1.Europa and the Pirate Twins (extended version) (Harmonika von Andy Partridge)
2.Leipzig (co-produziert von Andy Partridge)
Thomas Dolby "Dissidents" 12" (EMI, 1984)
1.Dissidents: The Search For Truth Part I
2.Dissidents: The Search For Truth Part II
3.Urges (co-produziert und musikalisch unterstützt von Andy Partridge)
Zeke Manyika "Call and Response" LP (Polydor, 1985)
1.House of Memory
2.Heaven Help Us (Try) (Dave Gregory spielt Gitarre)
3.Kelvin Grove (Dave Gregory spielt Gitarre)
4.Red Hot (Internationally!) (Dave Gregory spielt Gitarre)
5.Lay Them Down
6.Call and Response
7.Cold Light of Day
8.17 Faces
9.It Doesn't Matter to Me
10.This Lamp (Dave Gregory spielt Gitarre)
The Woodentops "Well Well Well" 12" (Rough Trade, 1984)
1.Well Well Well (produziert von Andy "Animal Jesus" Partridge)
2.Get it on
3.Cold inside (produziert von Andy "Animal Jesus" Partridge)
Doctor & The Medics "The Miracle Of The Age" 12" (I.R.S., 1985)
1.The Miracle Of The Age
(produziert von Andy Partridge)
2.Secrets Of A Baby's Mind
3.I Don’t Want To Be Alone With You Tonight (bedtime mix)
Perennial Divide "Beehead" 12" (Sweatbox, 1987)
(produziert von Andy Partridge)
2.World Spread
3.Gentle As A Fawn Is Warm
Saeko Suzuki "Studio Romantic" CD (Midi Inc., 1987)
1.Blow Up
2.You're My Special
3.Something In The Air (co-produziert und musikalisch begleitet von Andy Partridge, Streicherarrangement von Dave Gregory)
4.Happy Families (co-produziert und musikalisch begleitet von Andy Partridge)
5.I Wish It Could Be Christmas Everyday In The U.K. (co-produziert und musikalisch begleitet von Andy Partridge)
6.TV Dinner
7.Happy End (Andy Partridge spielt Gitarre)
8.Freak In
9.Studio Romantic
10.Dear Walt
11.Adventure In South Pacific
Peter Blegvad "King Strut And Other Stories" LP (Silvertone, 1990)
1. King Strut (mitkomponiert von Andy Partridge)
2. Gold (produziert von Andy Partridge)
3. Meantime
4. On Obsession
5. Not Weak Enough (abgemischt von Andy Partridge)
6. Swim
7. Northern Lights
8. Chicken (produziert und Chorgesang von Andy Partridge)
9. Real Slap In The Face
10. Shirt & Comb
11. Stranger To Myself
12. King Strut (Reprise) (mitkomponiert, produziert und musikalisch begleitet von Andy Partridge)
Alice "Il Sole Nella Pioggia" CD (EMI Italiana, 1989)
1.Il Sole Nella Pioggia (Dave Gregory spielt Gitarre)
2.Cieli Del Nord
3.Visioni (Dave Gregory spielt Gitarre)
4.Tempo Senza Tempo
5.Le Ragazze Di Osaka
7.Anín A Grîs (Dave Gregory spielt Gitarre)
8.L'era Del Mito (Dave Gregory spielt Gitarre)
9.Le Baccanti
10.Now And Forever
The Lilac Time "And Love for All" LP (Fontana, 1990)
1.Fields (produziert von Andy Partridge)
2.All for Love and Love for All (produziert von Andy Partridge)
3.Let Our Land Be the One
4.I Went to the Dance (produziert und Gitarre von Andy Partridge)
5.Wait and See (produziert von Andy Partridge)
6.Honest to God (produziert von Andy Partridge)
7.Laundry (produziert von Andy Partridge)
8.Paper Boat
9.Skabaskiblio [Instrumental]
10.It'll End in Tears (I Won't Cry) (produziert von Andy Partridge)
12.And on We Go
13.Fields (Reprise) (produziert von Andy Partridge)
Cud "Robinson Crusoe Ep" 12" (Imaginary, 1990)
1.Robinson Crusoe (12" version) (produziert von Dave Gregory)
3.Robinson Crusoe (Friday mix) (remixed by Nightmares On Wax) (produziert von Dave Gregory)
Alice "Mezzogiorno Sulle Alpi" CD (EMI Italiana, 1992)
1.In Viaggio Sul Tuo Viso
2.Passano Gli Anni (Dave Gregory spielt Gitarre)
3.Blue Melody
4.Neve D'Aprile (Dave Gregory spielt Gitarre)
5.Rain Town (Dave Gregory spielt Gitarre)
6.Il Colore Della Lontananza
8.Lungo Ritorno A Casa (Dave Gregory spielt Gitarre)
9.La Recessione (Dave Gregory spielt Gitarre)
10.Madre Notte
11.Luce Della Sera
Sam Phillips "Martinis & Bikinis" (Virgin America, 1994)
1.Love And Kisses
2.Sign Posts
3.Some Rain (Colin Moulding spielt Bass)
4.Baby I Can't Please You (co-produziert von Colin Moulding)
5.Circle Of Fire Listen
6.Strawberry Road
7.When I Fall
8.Same Changes (Colin Moulding spielt Bass)
9.Black Sky
10.Fighting With Fire
11.I Need Love (Colin Moulding spielt Bass)
12.Wheel Of The Broken Voice
13.Gimme Some Truth
David Yazbek "The Laughing Man" CD (Humbug, 1994)
1.Welcome To My World
2.Monkey In The Middle
3.Mississippi Honeymoon (produziert von Andy Partridge, sowie Gitarre, Gesang und Percussion)
4.Black Cowboys on the Beach (Andy Partridge spielt Gitarre)
5.The Wind
6.No More
7.Pinnochio's Nose
9.Fight The One Armed Man
10.Surface Tension (Bug On The Water)
12.Only Dreaming
David Yazbek "Here Come the Ducks" 7" (Jarmusic, 1998)
1.Black Cowboys on the Beach
(Andy Partridge spielt Gitarre)
2.The Go Go Years (produziert von Andy Partridge, sowie Gitarre, Gesang und Percussion)
3.Mississippi Honeymoon (produziert von Andy Partridge, sowie Gitarre, Gesang und Percussion)
4.Here Come the Ducks
Jennifer Trynin "Cockamamie" CD (Squint, 1994)
2.Better Than Nothing
3.Everything Is Different Now (Dave Gregory spielt Gitarre)
4.One Year Down
6.All This Could Be Yours
7.Too Bad You're Such A Loser
8.Knock Me Down
9.If I Had Anything To Say (Don't You Think I Would Have Said It All?)
11.Do It Alone
"Rare on Air: Volume 2. live sessions from KCRW's Morning Becomes Eclectic" CD (Mammoth, 1995)
1. Sugar Water - Cibo Matto
2. Palomine - Bettie Serveert
3. Sweet Ride - Tanya Donelly
4. Everybody Can Change - Vic Chesnutt
5. Mystery Girl - World Party
6. The City Sleeps - MC 900 Ft. Jesus
7. Just Like This Train - Joni Mitchell
8. Cajun Moon - J.J. Cale
9. I've Had It - Aimee Mann
(Dave Gregory spielt Gitarre)
10. Beautiful Friend - Sebadoh
11. Sunday - The Cranberries
12. Opening - Philip Glass
13. Famous Blue Raincoat - Lloyd Cole
14. Late For The Sky - Jackson Browne
Terry Hall "Home" CD (Anxious, 1994)
1.Forever J
4.I Drew a Lemon (mitkomponiert von Andy Partridge)
5.Moon on Your Dress (mitkomponiert von Andy Partridge)
6.No No No
7.What's Wrong With Me
8.Grief Disguised as Joy
9.First Attack of Love
10.I Don't Got You
King L "Great Day For Gravity" CD (Circa, 1995)
1.Tragedy Girl
2.Dumbest Story
3.Tom Driver
5.All Hail The Alien Queen
6.Back To Loving Arms
7.Life After You
8.That's How It Works
9.Hoping They'll Be Open
10.First Man On The Sun
11.Two Cars Collide
12.Don't Believe In Hollywood
13.Lost And Found And Lost Again (Streicherarrangement von Dave Gregory)
14.My Last Cigarette
Martin Newell "The Off White Album" CD (Humbug, 1995)
1.Call Me Michael Moonlight (Dave Gregory spielt Gitarre)
2.The World Of Dandy Leigh (Dave Gregory spielt Gitarre)
3.Arcadian Boys
4.The Blue Beret
5.Ursula In The Waiting Room (Dave Gregory spielt Gitarre)
6.When The Damsons Are Down
7.Lions Drunk On Sunlight
8.Miss Van Houtens Coffee Shoppe (Dave Gregory spielt Gitarre)
9.She Was Never Drowning (Dave Gregory spielt Gitarre)
10.Some Girls Are Bigger Than Others
11.Queen Phyllis Of Colchester (Dave Gregory spielt Gitarre)
12.Goodnight Country Girl
13.The Girls In The Flat Upstairs
Cleaners from Venus "Don't Step on My Rainbow. 20 Songs (1980-1996)) 5x7"-Box (Jarmusic, 1996)
1.Secret Dreams of a Kitchen Porter (1980)
2.F.U.N. (1982)
3.Tukani (1982)
4.I Can't Stop (Holding On) (1982)
5.Corridor of Dreams (1982)
6.Wretched Street (1982)
7.Late Night (1984)
8.Soul Monday (1984)
9.Stay On (1986)
10.Pearl (1986) (komponiert von Andy Partridge)
11.All Cats Are Grey (1987)
12.Denmark Street (1987)
13.The Tear Collector (1990)
14.Mariette (1990)
15.Before the Hurricane (Live France 1994)
16.Bus Stop (Live Japan 1994) (Dave Gregory spielt Gitarre)
17.A Street Called Prospect (Live Germany 1995) (Dave Gregory spielt Gitarre)
18.Straight to You Boy (Live Germany 1996)
19.The Dark Lovely Daughter of the Trashman (New Song 1996)
20.In Love With Scott Walker (New Song 1996)
Voice Of The Beehive "Sex & Misery" CD (Discovery, 1995)
1. Scary Kisses
2. New Day
3. Angel Come Down
4. Moon Of Dust
5. I'm Still In Love
6. Love Locked Inside
7. Playing House
8. Heavenly
9. Blue In Paradise (mitkomponiert von Andy Partridge)
10. So Hard
11. Moonblind
The Heads "No Talking Just Head" CD (MCA, 1996)
1. Damage I've Done
2. The King Is Gone
3. No Talking Just Head
4. Never Mind
5. No Big Bang
6. Don't Take My Kindness For Weakness
7. No More Lonely Nights
8. Indie Hair
9. Punk Lolita
10. Only The Lonely
11. Papersnow
12. Blue Blue Moon (Gesang und Text von Andy Partridge)
Cathy Dennis "Am I the Kinda Girl?" CD (Polydor, 1996)
1. West End Pad
2. Fickle
3. When Dreams Turn to Dust
4. Stupid Fool
5. Am I the Kinda Girl? (mitkomponiert von Andy Partridge, Dave Gregory spielt Gitarre)
6. Homing the Rocket
7. That Is Why You Love Me
8. Waterloo Sunset
9. Don't Take My Heaven
10. Date
11. Crazy Ones
Becki Di Gregorio "Seven Worthies..." CD (Run Amuck, 1997)
1.Desperate To Fall
3.When You Get Home
4.Inside The Dream (Dave Gregory spielt Gitarre)
5.Godbox (Dave Gregory spielt Gitarre)
6.On The Edges Now
7.Among Us
8.One In Ten
9.Open My Eyes (Dave Gregory spielt Keyboards)
10.The Days Of Our Ascent
The Cleaners From Venus "My Back Wages. A Collection of Cleaners Rarities album" CD (Jarmusic, 2000)
1. Crane Driver
2. Gulf War Song
3. Incident in a Great Coat
4. Bag of Dust
5. Haunt Your House
6. Drowning Butterflies (revised by D.G. in 1999)
7. Red Guitars and Silver Tambourines
8. Everytime I Go Up
9. You Should Have Called
10. Gate Crashing Oyster Park
11. Stay Lit
12. Bodecea Jones
13. Smash Yore Watch
14. Arcadian Boys (version)
15. Clara Bow
16. Princes of Suburbia
17. Finding My Own Way Home
Martin Newell & The Cleaners From Venus "New Europeans" promo-MCD (Jarmusic, 2000)
1. New Europeans
2. My Old School (Radio Edit)
3. Android Nation (Radio Edit)
4. Clarendon Lane (Radio Edit)
5. Goodbye Dreaming Fields (Andy Partridge remix)

"ReNewell. The Martin Newell Tribute CD" CD (Cutting Hedge, 2000)
1.David "Zuess" Henderson - Song For Syd Barrett
2.The Volares - Before The Hurricane
3.Richard Fuell - The Blue Beret
4.Bingo Durango - She Was Never Drowning
5.Mitch Friedman - She's Checking You Out
6.John Cooper Clarke - Martin Newell (A Poem)
7.Kerry Getz with Scott Sechman - She Rings The Changes
8.R. Stevie Moore - I Wasn't Drinking
9.Owls In The Moss - Drowning Butterflies
10.Big Al Davies - Rusty Iron Sun
11.Lee Cave Berry - No Static
12.Luke Wright - Men Are From Mars (A Poem)
13.Cartel - The Green Gold Girl Of The Summer
14.Dancing Mice - Clockwork Train
15.Miki Huber - I Will Haunt Your Room
16.J. Morris - Albion's Daughter
17.The Kinski Spiral - Let's Get Maried
18.Stuart Moxham - A Mercury Girl
19.Dave Gregory - When My Ship Comes In
20.Tommy's Magic Arse - Wunderbarmaid
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