Off Course Records/Another Swiss Label Teil 2

Off Course/ASL
ASL 19/EP/1980
Stephan Eicher "Spielt Noise Boys"
Miniminiminiminijupe/Ping Pong Lied/Noise Boys Song//
Sweet Jane/Discomania
Deutscher Gesang, New Wave (Beschreibung in Willkürakt? No.8, Sommer '81)
ASL 20/7"/1980
Eisiger Wind/When the cat´s away then the mice will play
Englischer Gesang, Semipogo/Walzer (Beschreibung in Willkürakt? No.8, Sommer '81)
ASL 21/7"/1981
Ein Tanz mit dem Tod/Ich lieb Sie
Deutscher Gesang, New Wave/Schlager (Beschreibung in Willkürakt? No.8, Sommer '81)
ASL 22/7"/1981
Last Romance
War in the City/Babylon Barmy Army
ASL 23/7"/1982
Träume mit mir/Wütendes Glas
ASL 1223/12"/1982
Wütendes Glas//
Träume mit mir/Ich und Du
ASL 24/7"/1981
Eisbär/Ich lieb Sie
ASL 25/7"/1982
Stephan Eicher
Komm Zurück/Les filles du Limmatquai
ASL 1225/12"/1982
Stephan Eicher "Souvenir"
Komm Zurück/Ce soir (je bois)//
Les filles du Limmatquai/Paris
  ASL 26
  ASL 27
  ASL 28
ASL 29/7"/1983
Stephan Eicher
Sweetheart/Noise Boys
ASL 30/7"/1983
Stephan Eicher
Nice/La pièce

ASL 1230/12"/1984
Stephan Eicher
Nice (extended version/US Re-mix)/Nice electric cockroach

  ASL 31 und später?
ASL 3301/LP/1980
"Swiss Wave - The Album"
Grauzone: "Eisbär"/"Raum"/Sick: "World War Three"/Jack & The Rippers: "I think it´s over"/Liliput: "Hitch-Hike"/"DC-10"//
Rudolph Dietrich: Kraft Durch Freude!: "Lies"/"Do what you want"/Jack & The Rippers: "Down"/Ladyshave: "Tonight"/Mother´s Ruin: "Heartbreak"/"With us"
Deutscher und englischer Gesang Gesang, Popo/Semipogo/New Wave/Rock'n'Roll (Beschreibung in Willkürakt? No.8, Sommer '81)
  ASL 3302
ASL 3303/LP/1980
Mother's Ruin "...want more"
Want more/Jimmy/Instant Lover/Chessman/Dreamy Teeny/Tornado//
Lost in Town/Hommage/Sacramento Jhnni/Get out of my Dreams/Rock´n Roll/Laugh and shout
Deutscher und englischer Gesang (Beschreibung in Willkürakt? No.8, Sommer '81)
ASL 3304/LP/1981
Film 2/Schlachtet!/Hinter den Bergen/Maikäfer flieg/Marmelade und Himbeereis//
Wütendes Glas/Kälte kriecht/Kunstgewerbe/Der Weg zu zweit/In der Nacht
ASL 3305/LP/198?
Le Passe Partout "Paradoxa"
ASL 3306/LP/1982
Sophisticated Boom Boom
Yeah Yeah Yeah/Boom Boom Rap/Jimmy Jimmy/Frustration/Trocadero/Beat Girls 1/Numa//
Boom Boom a gogo/Dance with me/Number One in Radio/Train to Boyscamp/Beat Girls 2/Ready to dance/Out and on my own
ASL 3307/LP/1982
"Swiss Wave Album 2"
Grauzone: "Moskau"/Sophisticated Boom Boom: "Trocadero"/Ladyshave: "Secret Secret"/"S.C.B."/Claudine Chirac: "Nautilus"//
Le Passepartout: "Cold chicken"/"Tourists"/TNT: "Splash"/Clowns"/Aboriginal Voices: "Le Jour"/"Loops"
ASL 3308/10"/1983
TNT "Eine kleine Machtmusik"
Movie Bily/Train/Empty Sound/Clowns/Bubble guns//
Popstars/Bank Rubber (Punk Robber)/Krokodil/Splash
  ASL 3309

ASL 3310/LP/1983
Stephan Eicher "Les Chansons Bleues"

Sweetheart/Les filles du Limmatquai/J.B.G. (Johnny B. Goode)/La pièce//
Nice/Tu tu (a little time with you)/You've lost that lovin' feelin'/La chanson bleue

  ASL 3311/LP/1987
D-Sire "Moving Back & Foreward"
  ASL 3312 und später?
Stephan Eicher "Les Chansons Bleues / Souvenir / Noise Boys"
Sweetheart (version)/Les filles du Limmatquai (version)/J.B.G. (version)/La piece (version)/Noise Boys/Nice/Tu Tu (a little time with you)/You've lost that lovin' feelin'/La chanson bleue/Komm zurück/Ce soir (je bois)/Les filles du Limmatquai/Paris/Miniminiminiminijupe/Ping Pong Lied/Noise Boys/Sweet Jane/Disco Mania
Nighttoad/Madness/Krimi/1978/Beri-Beri/Ain't you/Hedi's head/Nice/You/Ü/Split/Die Matrosen/Hitch-hike/DC-10/Thumblerdoll/Igel/Türk/Tisko/Wig-Wam/Eisiger Wind/When the cat's away/I had a dream/Turn the table/Dolly Dollar//
Do you mind my dream/In a mess/Birdy/Feel like snakes twisting through the fog/Tschik-mo/Outburst/Umamm/Might is Right/Like it or lump it/Ichor/Tong tong/The Jatz/You did it/Ring-a-ding-dong/A silver key can open an iron lock somewhere/Your's is mine/Blue is all in rush/Terrified/Étoile/On streets without names/Boatsong/His head all red

OCRR-3301/LP, OCRCD-01/CD/1991
Rockabilly Five
Hold on to my BSA/Down in the holler/Good rockin' tonight/Rollin' down the coast/Baby Blue Eyes/Havin' a party//
Unlucky Man/Tear it up/Everybody's movin'/Nearly loose your mind/All by myself/Bad bad rockabilly night

OCRR-3302/LP, OCRCD-02/CD/1994
Rockabilly Five "5 Times Fun"
Make your dreams come true/Blue blue day/Tennessee Whisky/Rockabilly fun/Sea cruise/My baby please don't wait/Rockin' all over the town/Rain rain rain/Rockin' good way/My one desire/Tryin' to get to you/What's wrong with the woman/Lonesome tears in my eyes

OCRR-3303/LP, OCRCD-03/CD/1991
"First Swiss Rockabilly Meeting '90"
Rockabilly Five "Teenage Boogie"/"Rock this town"

Okie Dokies "Ninety-One Pounds Of Lovin’"
Just Because/I'm Sittin'on Top Of The World/Don't Be Gone Long/Slippin'in/Texas Tornado/Blue Moon Of Kentucky//
Ninety-On Pounds Of Lovin'/Honey Honey Mine/I Got A Woman/Blue Suede Shoes/Please Don't Leave Me/Oakie-Boogie
OCRR-3307/LP, OCRCD-07/CD/1992
Hillbilly Headhunters "Mad"
Long Cadillac, Mad, Tell Me Why, Goo Goo Muck, Psycho, Get Of My Cloud u.a.
OCRR-3308/LP/LP, OCRCD-08/CD/1992
Woodchoppers "No Time"
That's Why I Love My Sweet Girl/Come Go With Me/Scratching/Woman Love/Long Black Train/Gonna Get Drunk Again/I Want A Girlfriend//
Buzz Buzz Buzz/Streamline Frame/No Time/I Knew From The Start/American Music/Nosey Joe/Don't Tell Me Lies
Hillbilly Headhunters "Girls, Guitars & Jaguars"
Hillbilly Headhunters "Sloopy, Part 2"
  OCRR-3311 und später?
Nachbar der Welt Verlag Zürich/Buch 232 Seiten/1986
Marlene Marder "Kleenex Liliput. Das Tagebuch der Gitarristin Marlene Marder. Berichte aus dem Leben der ersten Züricher Frauenband, reich bebildert und dokumentiert. Vorwort von Greil Marcus"
Edition Patrick Frey Zürich/Buch 320 Seiten/2006, 2.Auflage 324 Seiten/2007
Lurker Grand "Hot Love - Swiss Punk & Wave 1976-1980"
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