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Promotionveröffentlichungen + Verschiedenes (Promos + Misc.)
"Live At Eric's" Promo-MC (Virgin tapes, 1977) live im Eric's Manchester 1977
1.Radios In Motion
2.Cross Wires
3.Let's Have Fun
4.Fireball XL5
5.Science Friction
6.I'm Bugged
7.New Town Animal in a Furnished Cage
8.Hang on to the Night
9.All Along the Watchtower
10.She's So Square
11.Do What You Do
12.Spinning Top
13.Neon Shuffle
14.Traffic Light Rock
"Presented Free By Record Mirror" Werbe-7" (Virgin, 1977)
1.Tangerine Dream "Monolight"
2.XTC "Traffic Light Rock" (live Liverpool 13.8.1977)
3.The Motors "Whiskey And Wine"
4.U-Roy "Control Tower"
"XTC Interview" Promo-MC (Virgin tapes, 1978)
1.Interview zur Veröffentlichung von WHITE MUSIC, Winter 1978
"In Concert - 179" Radio-LP (BBC Transcription Servives, 1978) live BBC-Concert 9.3.78
1.Radios in motion
2.Statue of liberty
3.Set myself on fire
4.New town animal in a furnished cage
5.All along the watchtower
6.This is pop
7.Dance band
8.Neon shuffle
9.-14. Frankie Miller live
"Go+" Bonus-12" (Virgin, 1978)
1.Dance With Me, Germany
2.Beat The Bible
3.A Dictionary Of Modern Marriage
4.Clap Clap Clap
5.We Kill The Beast
"Chain Of Command" Bonus-7" (Virgin, 1979) Bonussingle zu Drums & Wires
1.Chain of command
"Smash Hits HIT 002" Werbeflexi-7" (Smash Hits, 1980)
1.Skids "The Olympian"
2.XTC "Ten Feet Tall"
"Eleven Different Animals (Words And Music To The Singles)" Songbuch (Virgin Music, 1981) 52 Seiten
1.Science Friction
2.Statue Of Liberty
3.This Is Pop?
4.Are You Receiving Me
5.Life Begins At The Hop
6.Making Plans For Nigel
7.Wait Till Your Boat Goes
8.Generals & Majors
9.Towers Of London
10.Sgt. Rock (Is Going To Me)
11.Respectable Street
"Trouser Press FLEXI #4" Werbeflexi-7" (Trouser Press, USA 1982)
1.Blame the Weather
2.Tissue Tigers (The Arguers)
"Flexipop FLEXIPOP 016" Werbeflexi-7" (Flexipop, 1982)
1.Looking for footprints (aufgenommen 1978)
"The Flexipop! Album" Promo-LP (Flexipop, 1982)
1.Bow Wow Wow "Elimination Dancing"
2.Adam and The Ants "A.N.T.S."
3.Motorhead "The Train Kept A-Rollin"
4.Blondie & Freddie "Yuletide Throw Down (Rapture)"
5.XTC "Looking For Footprints"
6.Soft Cell "Metro MRX"
7.Weapon Of Peace "West Park (Flexi Mix)"
8.Haircut 100 "Nobody's Fool"
9.Pretenders "What You Gonna Do About It?"
10.Depeche Mode "Sometimes I Wish I Was Dead"
11.The Jam "Boy About Town"
12.Associates "Even Dogs Go Wild"
13.Altered Images "Happy New Year"
"This World Over" Promo-12" (Virgin France, 1984)
1.This world over
2.Blue overall
3.All you pretty girls
4.Wash away
Vittorio Azzoni "XTC" Buch (Italien, 1986)
"The Skylarking Interview With Andy Partridge" Promo-LP (Geffen, 1986)
1.Summer's cauldron / Interview
2.Grass / Interview
3.The meeting place / Interview
4.That's really super, supergirl / Interview
5.Ballet for a rainy day / Interview
6.1000 umbrellas / Interview
7.Season cycle / Interview
8.Earn enough for us / Interview
9.Big day / Interview
10.Another satellite / Interview
11.Dear god / Interview
12.The man who sailed around his soul / Interview
13.Dying / Interview
14.Sacrificial bonfire / Interview

"King For A Day" Promo-12" (Geffen, 1989)
1.King For A Day (Czar mix)
2.King For A Day (I dub thee sir mix)
3.King For A Day (Versailles mix)
5.Desert Island

"Rag & Bone Buffet 4-Song Sampler "Promo-MCD (Geffen, 1990)
2.Heaven is paved with broken glass
3.Blame the weather
4.Respectable street

"Window Box" Fanclub-MC (Little Express, 1991)
1.Always winter but never christmas
2.Rip van ruben
4.It's snowing angels
"Holiday Greetings from Geffen Records" Promo-CD (Geffen, 1991)
1.Robbie Robertson
2.Slash "Merry Christmas"
3.Axl "Under The Mistletoe"
4.XTC "Merry Christmas Song"
6.John Kilzer
7.Don Dokken
9.Roxy Blue
10.Slash "F?!*in' Riot"
11.Axl "F?!*in' Riot"
12.Axl "F?!*in' Holyday Season"
13.XTC "Psychedelic Christmas"

Chis Twomey: "Chalkhills And Children (The Definitive Biography)" Buch (Omnibus Press 1992) 192 Seiten
Chis Twomey: "Chalkhills And Children (The Definitive Biography revised & updated)" Buch (Omnibus Press 2002) 256 Seiten

Paolo Bertrando "XTC Testi Con Traduzione A Fronte" Taschenbuch (Arcana Editrice, 1992) 240 Seiten
"This Is not The New Album" Promo-MCD (Geffen, 1992)
1.The ballad of Peter Pumpkinhead
2.Books are burning
"Radios In Motion - A History Of XTC" Promo-CD (Geffen, 1992)
1.The Ballad Of Peter Pumpkinhead
2.The Mayor Of Simpleton
3.King For A Day
4.Dear God
6.Love On A Farmboy's Wages
7.Senses Working Overtime
7.Making Plans For Nigel
"NAC (Nonsuch Adult Contemporary) Sampler" Promo-MCD (Geffen, 1992)
1.My bird performs
2.Wrapped in grey
4.Books are burning
"Gribouillage" Promo-MCD (Virgin France, 1992)
1.The ballad of Peter Pumpkinhead
2.My bird performs
3.Dear Madam Barnum
4.Humble Daisy
5.The smartest monkeys
"The Ballad Of Peter Pumpkinhead" Promo-CD/MC (Geffen, 1992)
1.The Ballad Of Peter Pumpkinhead (edit)
2.The Ballad Of Peter Pumpkinhead
"The Ballad Of Peter Pumpkinhead" Promo-CD/MC (Geffen, 1992)
1.The Ballad Of Peter Pumpkinhead (long edit)
2.The Ballad Of Peter Pumpkinhead (short edit)
3.The Ballad Of Peter Pumpkinhead
"What Do You Call That Noise? Selections From The Box Set Transistor Blast" US-Promo-CD (TVT Records 1998)
1.Opening Speech (peel session 8.10.79)
2.Life Begins at the Hop (jensen session 21.5.79)
3.Scarecrow People (skinner session 16.3.89)
4.No Thugs in Our House (jensen session 14.1.82)
5.No Language in Our Lungs (live bbc concert 22.12.80)
6.Making Plans for Nigel (jensen session 21.5.79)
7.The Rhythm (peel session 13.11.78)
8.This Is Pop? (live bbc concert 9.3.78)
9.Roads Girdle the Globe (peel session 8.10.79)

XTC & Neville Farmer: "Song Stories (The Exclusive Authorized Story Behind The Music) Buch" (Hyperion 1998) 336 Seiten
Philippe Bihan "XTC: Art sonique et vieilles querelles" Buch (Frankreich, 1999)
"Apple Venus Volume 1" US-Promo-CD (Idea Records/TVT Records 1999)
1.River of Orchids
2.I'd Like That
3.Easter Theatre
4.Knights in Shining Karma
5.Frivolous Tonight
6.Green Man
7.Your Dictionary
8.Fruit Nut
9.I Can't Own Her
10.Harvest Festival
11.Last Balloon
"Selections From The Box Set Coat Of Many Cupboards" US-Promo-CD (Caroline 2002)
1.Science Friction (CBS demo)
2.This is Pop (Single version)
3.Life Begins at the Hop (Unused first recording)
4.Towers of London (Rejected single recording)
5.Generals and Majors (Rehearsal tape)
6.Ball and Chain (Unused single recording)
7.Love on a Farmboys Wages (Home demo)
8.Wake Up (Home demo)
9.Dear God (Band demo)
10.Troubles (Home demo)
11.Mayor of Simpleton (Early work tape)
12.The Ballad of Peter Pumpkinhead (Early home demo)

"Apebite" mp3s (Andy Partridge Experience, 2004)
1.Andy Partridge/Peter Blegvad: Savannah
2.Andy Partridge/Peter Blegvad: Zombie Tots
3.The Milk And Honey Band: Way Too Long
4.The Milk And Honey Band: Baby Song
5.Andy Partridge: The Tiny Circus Of Life
5.Andy Partridge: Chocolate Paper

Andy Partridge: "I Wonder Why The Wonderfalls" mp3 (Fox/Apple iTunes, 2004)
1.I Wonder Why The Wonderfalls (Wonderfalls Theme) (download)

"Apple Bite - A Selection From Apple Box" CD (Idea Records 2005)
2.Say It
3.Easter Theatre
4.Frivolous Tonight
6.Stupidly Happy
7.In Another Life
8.The Wheel and The Maypole
"Where Did The Ordinary People Go" mp3 (Idea Records, 2006)
1.Where Did The Ordinary People Go? (download)
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