XTC: All Records For The Middle Ages
Singles (7")
"Science Friction" 7" (Virgin, 1977)
1.Science fiction
2.She's so square
"Statue Of Liberty" 7" (Virgin, 1978)
1.Statue of liberty
2.Hang onto the night
"This Is Pop?" 7" (Virgin, 1978)
1.This is pop?
"Are You Receiving Me?" 7" (Virgin, 1978)
1.Are You Receiving Me?
2.Instant tunes
"Life Begins At The Hop" 7" (Virgin, 1979)
1.Life begins at the hop
2.Homo safari
"Making Plans For Nigel" 7" (Virgin, 1979)
1.Making plans for Nigel
2.Bushman president (Homo safari series no.2)
3.Pulsing pulsing
"Making Plans For Nigel" 7" (Virgin Australien, 1979)
1.Making plans for Nigel
2.Are You Receiving Me? (live Sydney 20.7.79)
3.This is pop? (live Sydney 20.7.79)
"Ten Feet Tall" 7" (Virgin USA, 1979)
1.Ten feet tall
3.The somnambulist
"Wait Till Your Boat Goes Down" 7" (Virgin, 1980)
1.Wait till your boat goes down
2.Ten feet tall
"Generals And Majors" 7" (Virgin, 1980) auch als Doppel-7"
1.Generals and majors
2.Don't lose your temper
3.Smokeless zone (bonus-7")
4.The somnabulist (bonus-7")
"Towers Of London" 7" (Virgin, 1980)
1.Towers of London
2.Set myself on fire (live London 17.9.1979)
"Towers Of London" Bonus-7" (Virgin, 1980)
1.Battery brides (live London 17.9.1979)
2.Scissor man (bbc version)
"Sgt. Rock (Is Going To Help Me)" 7" (Virgin, 1980)
1.Sgt. rock (Is going to help me)
2.Living through another Cuba/Generals and majors (live London 12.10.1980)
"Respectable Street" 7" (Virgin, 1981)
1.Respectable street
2.Strange tales, strange tails
3.Officer blue
"Love At First Sight (remix)" 7" (Virgin Canada, 1981)
1.Love At First Sight (remix)
2.Beatown (live Sydney 20.7.79)
3.Roads Girdle The Globe (live Sydney 20.7.79)
4.This Is Pop (live Sydney 20.7.79)
"Senses Working Overtime" 7" (Virgin, 1982)
1.Senses working overtime
2.Blame the weather
3.Tissue tiger (The arguers)
"Ball And Chain" 7" (Virgin, 1982)
1.Ball and chain
2.Punch and Judy
3.Heaven is paved with broken glass
"No Thugs In Our House" 7" (Virgin, 1982)
1.No Thugs In Our House
2.Chain of command
4.Over rusty water
"Great Fire" 7" (Virgin, 1983)
1.Great fire
"Wonderland" 7"/Picture-7" (Virgin, 1983)
"Love On A Farmboy's Wages" 7" (Virgin, 1983) auch als Doppel-7"
1.Love on a farmboy's wages
2.In loving memory of a name
3.Desert island (bonus-7")
4.Toys (bonus-7")
The Three Wise Men: "Thanks For Christmas" 7" (Virgin, 1983)
1.Thanks for christmas
2.Countdown to christmas party time
"All You Pretty Girls" 7" (Virgin, 1984)
1.All you pretty girls
2.Wash away
"This World Over" 7"(Virgin, 1984)
1.This world over
2.Blue overall

"Wake Up" 7" (Virgin, 1985)
1.Wake up
2.Take this town
3.Mantis on parole - homo safari series no.4

The Dukes Of Stratosphear: "The Mole From The Ministry" 7" (Virgin, 1985)
1.The Mole From The Ministry
2.My Love Explodes
"Grass" 7" (Virgin, 1986)
2.Dear god
"The Meeting Place" 7" (Virgin, 1986)
1.The meeting place
2.The man who sailed around his soul
"Dear God" 7" (Virgin, 1986)
1.Dear god
2.Big day
The Dukes Of Stratosphear: "You're A Good Man Albert Brown" 7" (Virgin, 1987)
1.You're A Good Man Albert Brown
2.Vanishing Girl
"Mayor Of Simpleton" 7" (Virgin, 1989)
1.Mayor Of simpleton
2.One of the millions
"King For A Day" 7" (Virgin, 1989)
1.King for a day
2.Happy families
"The Loving" 7" (Virgin, 1989)
1.The loving
2.Cynical days
"The Disappointed" 7" (Virgin, 1992)
1.The disappointed
2.The smartest monkeys
"The Ballad Of Peter Pumpkinhead" 7" (Virgin, 1992)
1.The ballad of peter pumpkinhead
"Wrapped In Grey" 7" (Virgin, 1992) vor Veröffentlichung gestrichen
1.Wrapped in Grey
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